Happy 18th CCOA Anniversary, Tammy Center!

Right after Y2K was experienced as a little less than the anticipated apocalyptic computer crash, Tammy Center left the healthcare industry to join our team. For 18 years now Tammy has been the “behind the scenes” client advocate who ensures our customers save money as they repay their debts on our Debt Management Program. 

Tammy is often at the office before 7:00 am to catch the start of the east coast business day. With a sharp attention to detail, Tammy works hard to track client progress and respond to creditor requirements. These details can be illusive, but Tammy diligently digs until all the pieces are in place. Her mix of grit to see this challenging work through to completion and grace to empathize with the client is a remarkable asset to CCOA.

Tammy, you beautifully represent our core values of TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and PROFESSIONALISM. And the consistently positive feedback from our clients underscores your tireless work grounded in these values and your exemplary character. We are so grateful for you!