CCOA Staff

Tammy Center | Client Service Representative

I know it can be very stressful dealing with financial issues, and it makes me happy to be able to help people work through these issues.  The expression on their faces or to hear the relief in their voice once something has been tackled is priceless and gratifying at the same time.

Brenda Ponce | Client Service Representative

I’ve always loved helping others, knowing that I can make a difference in their lives brings me so much joy. I love seeing people come into the office with such hopeful attitudes and the fact that I can help with that whether it’s talking to them or scheduling an appointment. I know that they are grateful and so am I.

Mary Sconzert | Client Service Representative

My motivation to help people with their personal finances is the knowledge that there is freedom & hope. So many clients have gone through the CCOA debt management program & thanked us for the blessing of getting out from under the crushing burden of debt. I am so thankful to play a small part in their success.

Gail Pugh | Client Service Representative

I enjoy hearing the excitement in clients’ voices when they pay off their debt and complete the Debt Management Program.  Even if we communicate via email, the joy is there.

Mark Jones | Credit Counselor

I love being able to change a person’s hopelessness into a workable plan of action.

Kathee Harper | Credit Counselor

For me, the best thing about interacting with our clients is listening to their stories . . . listening to what plans and dreams are in their hearts again, now that their depression from debt is becoming a thing of the past.

Griselda Perez | Credit Counselor

I greatly enjoy being able to take debt stress away from clients.

Mary Sanchez | Credit Counselor

Helping others gives me purpose!  I love empowering people to learn new ways of handling their finances and watching them thrive after following steps outlined for them during our sessions.

Mike Witte | Credit Counselor

I enjoy being able to provide a resource or a tool that can help empower and change a person or family’s finances for the better.

Mark Foster | Director of Education and Marketing

It’s incredibly fulfilling to wake up every day and work for this amazing non-profit organization, knowing that CCOA is making such a positive difference in so many lives.

Mary Catherine Harcourt | Director of Financial Systems

I enjoy being part of an organization that makes a significant impact for thousands of families.

Bridget Jeffries | Director of Counseling

Being able to provide information and guidance which can reduce stress and give hope to those who are delinquent on their mortgages is what I enjoy the most about my job.  Helping families stay in their homes is what motivates me.  

Bill Robertson | Director of Operations

Having lost my job in 2009 motivates me to help people prepare for emergency situations and plan for the future.

Keith Hicks | Executive Director

I am honored to lead such an amazing team on our noble mission to help people in our local community to master their personal finances. We work hard to provide professional financial counseling and education. But what I really feel good about is that we are also here to help those experiencing a financial crisis. We are here to help people have hope and achieve a brighter financial future, and I am blessed to be a part of this organization.