• Operations Team
    Operations Team
    CCOA - Operations Team
    The Client Support group is the power wheel of our organization. They handle everything from scheduling appointments, data entry, account maintenance, followup, disbursement, and the list goes on.
  • Counseling Team
    Counseling Team
    CCOA - Counseling Team
    Our counseling team is comprised of 7 Certified Consumer Credit counselors, including 1 foreclosure prevention and 2 reverse mortgage counselors. This group also contains 2 counselors trained through NFCC’s student loan repayment certification program. Our caring financial counseling team is prepared to address all your financial concerns.
  • Education Team
    Education Team
    CCOA - Education Team
    The Education Team gives amazing finance seminars on a variety of topics in English, Spanish and Marshallese languages.
  • Financial Team
    Financial Team
    The Financial Team takes care of all things financial. We could bore you with all the important details, but unless you're an accountant, you'll fall asleep before reading all of this sentence.
  • Leadership Team
    Leadership Team
    CCOA - Leadership Team
    The CCOA Leadership Team has a combined 78 years of experience in management and leadership positions within the credit counseling industry.
  • Immigrant Program
    Immigrant Program
    Mary Sanchez
    The Immigrant Program Team provides counseling and education to the Hispanic/Latino and Marshallese communities.