Financial Health Quiz

How is your financial health? Here is a quick quiz to help you find out.

Answer “Yes” or “No” to each question:

1. Do you avoid getting credit card cash advances?

2. Can you afford to pay for gasoline and groceries without having to charge it onto a credit card?

3. Are all your bills current and paid on time?

4. Can you afford to pay for car repairs, medical or dental treatments without having to postpone or charge them?

5. Do you regularly deposit money into your savings account?

6. Are you saving for retirement?

7. Do you have a spending plan and follow it?

8. Do you have specific, written financial goals?

9. Are your credit card balances well under the limits? (Answer “Yes” if you have no cards)

10. Do you pay more than just the minimum due on your credit cards each month? (Answer “Yes” if you have no cards)

11. Are your finances a non-problem issue (i.e., they don’t negatively impact your work or relationships)?

12. When you think about your finances, do you feel positive or calm about it vs. anxious, stressed or depressed?

Add up your “No” answers . . .

0-1 “No” Answers — Congratulations! You appear to be in good financial health.

2-3 — Your finances are somewhat healthy, but you have some areas you should work on improving.

4-5 — Your finances are out of shape. Your financial health needs some attention soon.

6 or more — Your finances are in very poor health. Don’t despair — is is hope! Call the caring financial professionals at CCOA today!