The Benton County Daily Journal

“Credit counseling is big business, and some outfits are less than reputable. CCOA, however, is an upstanding organization.”

The Southwest Times Record

“CCOA has been a lifesaver for many people who found themselves tangled inside a web of credit card debt.”


“Thanks to all of you my credit score is looking very healthy.”

“CCOA has really been a life saver for us. I don’t worry anymore like I used to.”

“If I hadn’t gone with your program, I would have had a complete breakdown.”

“Our son has had an illness since he was 11 years old and it ruined us financially. Your organization saved our lives.”

“Calling CCOA was the best financial decision I have ever made. I now have control over my finances instead of them controlling me.”

“I’ve felt free to call and ask any question and have been treated very respectfully.”

“Your staff has always been courteous and respectful. They never talk down to you. And they go out of their way to help you.”

Seminar Participant

“I’ve made several changes because of what I learned. You helped me to save hundreds of dollars – and that is not an exaggeration!”