Create Financial Goals for a Successful 2024

Do you have any financial goals for the new year? Now is a great time to start brainstorming what financial goals you would like to achieve in 2024. 

Many people have hopes and dreams, but turning those into reality involves having goals written or typed so you can regularly see them and commit them to action. Studies have proven we will be much more likely to achieve those goals and enjoy the financial freedom that will come with it, if we have those typed up or written down to serve as a constant reminder. 

A couple more tips:

Be specific. A goal to “save more money” is a good start, but far too general to end there. Save how much money? Perhaps to save $25 per paycheck, or to save a total of $2,000 before the year ends, for example. 

Less is more. Most people will find elaborate notebooks and charts far too much work and overwhelming, causing them to either not start or to quit along the way. That’s why less can be more in this case. You don’t need anything complex or overly comprehensive. Even a large sticky note or index card will typically do just fine. It’s not intimidating or too time-consuming to do, and it can provide enough detail for what you need. Be sure to post your goals somewhere where you can see them on a regular basis, as a continual reminder.

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