Enjoy a Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

The average U.S. vacation cost this year – including travel, food and lodging –  for two people, will cost just over $3,800 per week. Not everyone can afford a week-long $3,800 vacation, or even a $1,800 vacation. Here are some tips to enjoy a vacation this summer without busting your budget.

Staycation. Enjoy some local fun spots near home. You can avoid hotel room costs (which continue to skyrocket in price, along with everything else). Odds are you haven’t visited all of the fun spots in your area, so ask friends for their local recommendations.

Overnight or weekend vacation. Another more affordable vacation option is a one-night or two-night vacation. Costs vary, of course, but these could be done for perhaps less than $1,000. It’s not too hard to find a wonderful place to visit that is within just a few hour’s drive. Again, ask friends for their regional vacation recommendation. Packing some of your own snacks and drinks can help keep costs down.

Most importantly, be sure to calculate how much money you can afford to spend on a vacation and go from there. Staying within our budget will ensure there’s no vacation financial stress hangover later on.

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