Holiday Overspending Out of Love

The holidays are a time of great joy and excitement for millions of people. Many typically want to show their love for others in their life by buying them presents. This is perfectly fine, of course. But what can get us into some financial trouble, however, is spending more than we can afford. This holiday season avoid overspending as a way of showing your love for someone.

Be sure to have a holiday spending budget and know how much you can afford to spend, whether that’s a total amount, or a certain amount you can spend each paycheck. It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of giving to others, but if we overdo it, it can result in juggling the bills to make ends meet.

If your budget is tight, consider giving a sentimental gift of some sort. Something that’s very meaningful to your friend or family member but that isn’t expensive. Another option is to give the gift of an experience, such as taking the person out to see a movie of their choice and/or going out to eat.

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