Holiday Shopping Budget Busters

Holiday sales are abundant. So many choices, so many great deals to choose from. However, there are a couple of big Budget Busters that can result in overspending hangovers in the New Year.

It may be a great deal, but be careful to avoid breaking your budget on a deal that is still too pricey for you. For example, a $3,500 100-inch Ultra 4K TV might be a steal on sale for only $1,500, but if you can’t afford it, then it’s not really a good deal for you. Buying it anyway will just make it more difficult for you to make ends meet elsewhere. 

Having emotions is a normal part of the human experience, but if we allow our emotions to rule our spending, that can be a recipe for financial pain. Always have a specific budget amount that you can afford to spend for your holiday spending. Have a plan and be sure to stick to that plan. You will be able to enjoy the holidays without busting your budget.

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