What Exactly Is A Certified Consumer Credit Counselor?

You’ve probably heard the term “credit counselor” but you may wonder what that is exactly. Some are not certified, while others are. There are several certification agencies, but CCOA’s financial counselors go through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) certification program. The NFCC was established in 1951 and its certification is a very in-depth, comprehensive process that can take up to a year to complete. You can rest assured knowing that CCOA’s Certified Consumer Credit Counselors are exceptionally well-trained and educated in personal finances. Plus, CCOA’s counselors are incredibly experienced, with an average of 20 years doing what they do. 

In fact, although the full title is Certified Consumer “Credit” Counselor, the reality is that the person is an expert in personal finances, because they are trained in much more than just credit — Budgeting, spending, consumer protection laws, just to name a few other things. A CCOA Certified Consumer Credit Counselor must take and pass six examinations before being certified as a financial professional.

To make an appointment with one of CCOA’s financial professionals, go to https://www.ccoacares.com/request-appointment/ or call 479-521-8877.