What Is Credit Counseling?

Many people have heard the term “credit counseling” but they don’t know much about what it is. Credit counseling from an accredited, non-profit organization is:

  • Free. Credit counseling is typically offered by a non-profit organization and there’s no cost to have a budgeting/credit counseling session with a professional. It’s typically paid for by grants and other funding. 
  • Confidential. What you discuss with your financial counselor stays between you and your counselor.
  • Non-judgmental. Your financial professional will not insult or judge you in any way, but rather offer analysis and interact with you in a respectful and caring manner, offering various potential financial solutions and strategies for your consideration. 
  • Comprehensive. It’s not quickly done in 30 minutes or less (it’s over an hour). It doesn’t just look at your debt. It takes a look at your overall finances, income and expenses.

For a free, confidential and non-judgmental appointment with a caring financial professional, contact CCOA at 479-521-8877 or schedule an appointment online. Appointments are available in person, by phone or online.