How can CCOA help me become debt free?


“Since enrolling in [the Debt Management Program], my credit and debt situation have dramatically improved. I am also more smart about how I spend money and have been able to put a little money into savings each month!”

— CCOA Client Fayetteville, AR

Many people are struggling with debt during this pandemic. Since 1995, thousands of people have achieved financial freedom with CCOA’s Debt Management Program (DMP). It has helped people get relief from financial stress as they paid down their credit card and medical debts.

How does a DMP work?

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) consolidates your unsecured debt (such as credit cards and medical bills) into one monthly payment. CCOA will work with your creditors to get lowered interest rates, stop fees, and stop collection calls. With the lowered interest rates while on the program, you not only have the simplicity of one payment a month, but you also get out of debt and on with your life sooner, typically in 3-5 years.

 “CCOA is truly incredible. I can’t thank them enough for walking me through this and encouraging me. I highly recommend CCOA to anyone who is in need of debt assistance.”

— CCOA Client Jeanette

Key points about the DMP

  • A DMP can lower your monthly payments, which can be a big financial stress-reliever. 
  • Your interest rates could be greatly reduced, so you make faster progress paying off debt and save perhaps thousands of dollars in interest.  
  • Late fees and over-limit fees can stop. 
  • The DMP goal is to pay your unsecured debt back in full and be debt-free within five years.
  • It’s NOT debt settlement. Debt settlement greatly hurts your credit score, pays back only part of what you owe (settling the debt for less), and can result in owing taxes to the IRS on the forgiven debt.
  • FICO credit scoring takes no points off your credit score for going on a DMP. Plus, as your debt goes down, your credit score goes up.

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