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We are a group of like-minded organizations committed to working together to REACH our communities with more financial help and ENRICH households with better money skills.

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Everyone’s financial story is different.

We often look to our take home pay, credit score, or total net worth for some measure of our financial well-being.  But our relationship with money is much bigger than these numbers. Most of us hope our financial story will allow us to meet our financial commitments, feel a sense of financial security, and make decisions with money that improve our quality of life.

Knowing how your financial story is progressing takes a little work, but the caring financial professionals at CCOA put together some of the best resources on the web to help you get started. Just select a starting point below based on your situation and needs, then walk through the easy-to-follow resources to help support your financial journey.

We're here to help you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your personal safety and financial security are our top priority. Our team is working remotely, making all of our services available by phone or online appointment. Find out more about resources available to help you manage financial uncertainties related to the pandemic.

Reach To Enrich Partners

Through outreach, training, evaluation and services, these partners are committed to help households access financial resources and build better money skills.

We want to be your financial friend on the journey ahead.

For those in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma call CCOA at 1-800-889-4916.